How to Find Toilet Partitions

toilet partition

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom stalls or looking for the perfect restroom partitions to install from scratch, it’s an important decision. You need to get the right balance of hard wearing material that’s still stylish, practical and durable.

Things to think about.

Be sure that you have a firm idea of the budget you’re willing to expend before you start, as it will make the procedure easy and help with the bathroom partition decision making process. Give a thought towards the fire-hazard potential, necessity to stand up to vandalism, expected wear and tear, and the balance you’re willing to strike between upfront cost and long term maintenance costs.

Possible materials.

We’re all familiar with the classic backed enamel finish over steel look. It’s budget friendly and ubiquitous, but has less durability. There’s also plastic laminate, a budget friendly option that’s seen a lot less options. It’s not suitable for moist environments, however, as its heart is particle board. Solid phenolic core is a great choice for people who want a wide range of colours in their bathroom stalls to suit any décor. It even avoids the age old problem of delamination as it’s a solid one piece material with no core. It’s a great choice- practically non-scratch, dent proof and easy to clean with a tendency to reject graffiti and moisture.

It is, however pricier then other options. For a more moderate but similar option, there’s always solid plastic. It’s slightly less resistant to graffiti, and does have some slight fire issues. It’s always best to opt for Class A or B fire ratings where possible with this toilet partition. If budget’s no limit, you can opt for the option of classic stainless steel. It’s thoroughly durable, resists rust and graffiti and can be re-polished to past splendour when it dulls. There’s also SCRC, Solid Colour Reinforced Composite, which almost negates maintenance costs to offset its high initial cost.

See expert advice if you’re in need of help.

There’s a host of experts out there who will be able to assist you if you’re not sure what material would best suit the unique needs of your design. In fact, for most public bathroom design or corporate bathroom design, you are usually best off seeking the advice of an engineer who can assist you in creating a plan that will not only address your specific needs, but that will be aesthetically pleasing to users and keep future maintenance costs as low as possible.view more toilet partitions at various online resources.

toilet partition

Stockists of toilet partitions.

For small jobs, you can consult most local hardware stores to purchase basic bathroom stall solutions that are easy to install. However, for larger environments, you’re better off consulting directly with one of the restroom partition companies out there to discuss your unique needs and aesthetic wants, and ensure that you get exactly what you need and want from your new facility.

Finding the right toilet partition for your needs needn’t be an arduous process, so long as you know your budget and needs well.

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