5 Facts behind the Benefits Of Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

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When it comes to bathroom partitions, stainless steel is not seen as commonly as its cousins, laminate and plastic. This is generally due to a perception that it’s expensive and offers nothing better than these mainstream toilet partitions can. However, stainless steel is a versatile and long-lasting choice, and well worth the consideration. Here’s only 5 of many reasons to consider it:

• Aesthetics are cool and sleek.
• Durable, stable choices.
• Safety-Regulation pleasing bathroom stalls.
• Surprisingly water resistant.
• Utterly hygienic.

Aesthetics are cool and sleek.

There is no denying, however, that stainless steel can provide a sleek and sophisticated look to a bathroom facility. Bathroom partitions of stainless steel are often found in brushed, burnished finishes that are easy on the eye.. You may not be aware, however, that many of these finishes can be reburnished over time as well, a fact that gives this partition choice an added longevity that makes it appealing and luxurious. Patterns vary between manufacturers, but there are a wide range of options available from texture patterns to diamonds, all thoroughly suited to high end environments.

Durable, stable choices.

It’s fortunate that the beauty of the original aesthetics can be so easily maintained, as steel is a long-lasting, hard wearing choice for your restroom partitions. They’re rigid, and easily repel dents and scratches, and being waterproof offer a great resilient choice to suit any environment. They’re resistant to corrosion, too, and warping and chipping is unheard of. They also repel graffiti and other nuisances.buy restroom partitions many places.

Safety-Regulation pleasing bathroom stalls.

Fire is always a worry in any publicly-accessible facility. The good news is that stainless steel bathroom partitions do not allow flame to spread nor do they encourage or spread smoke in the case of an emergency. Of all the available types of bathroom partition on the market, they’re among the safest bathroom stall partition you could consider using.

Surprisingly water resistant.

The problem in bathrooms is keeping them dry. Not only is there the worry of the environment around them- often submerged wholly or partially, or dark by nature- there’s issues of ventilation to consider. And it’s a facility that makes heavy use of water simply to run, of course. Add to that the additionally sticky point of chemical cleaners, sanitizing sprays and hosing or spray washing of bathrooms for ease of use.

Utterly hygienic.

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Mankind has known that steel and metal are impervious to germs for almost as long as we’ve known about germs. Introducing them as your first choice of restroom partition, then, brings this useful feature to bear in your favour. Any public health concern that you may have can be negated by using this versatile type of bathroom partition in your facility.

Stainless steel bathroom stalls may seem expensive, but their resistance to vandalism and wear-and-tear make them a long lasting, attractive and infinitely sensible choice for anyone searching for a bathroom stall that combines cleanliness, hygiene, safety and aesthetic considerations into one great package.

A Guide to Better Public Toilet Design and Maintenance

public toilet design

If you’ve ever had to sit down and consider how well designed your toilet partitions are, then you would have heard of the ‘Guide to Better Public Toilet Design and Maintenance’. Unsurprisingly, this seminal guide to the world of perfect bathroom stall architecture hails from the disciplined and public service orientated nation of Singapore, and represents a genre standard.

Reinventing the public bathroom.

We all know the bathroom stall horror stories- floors you can barely dare touch and worse. And while it seems crazy, people appreciate a well-designed toilet so much that there are even restaurants out there which people will visit purely to admire the splendour of their bathrooms. So what goes into a well-designed toilet?

Well-designed public bathrooms.

It’s not just a matter of having adequate toilet partitions to make customers feel comfortable, although that can be a big part of it. The higher the traffic, the more likely to become dirty and untidy a bathroom is, so public restrooms have the worst reputations out there. However, it’s possible to get it right by striving for:

• Easy maintenance options
• Well Ventilated, dry and above all clean premises
• A good layout and
• Pleasant staff [in staffed facilities]

There should also be sufficient access to special needs facilities for disabled visitors.

Thinking beyond the obvious.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Public restrooms are high traffic areas, and it takes more than a well-designed bathroom stall to make them practical and appealing. Other things need to be kept in mind, for example, the fact that most people will require extra space in a restroom partition to accommodate shopping and other personal belongings. There’s also a need to create a sense of movement through the bathroom, to encourage people to progress through the restroom in the right order of appliances. There’s even an argument to be made for promoting hygiene by using sensors.

Thinking further

It’s possible to take it even further. You can consider how best to make people comfortable acoustically, providing good ventilation, and how best to avoid the problems of graffiti and vandalism, particularly in unsupervised facilities.

And, of course, it doesn’t stop there. There’s a myriad of problems to be considered regarding the maintenance and upkeep and the ease with which possible attendants and engineers can access the facility in order to keep it pristine. You need to consider if the restroom partitions can take the weight of users leaning on them, and how best to install them to ensure both modesty, privacy and practicality whilst limiting the possibility for damage.

public toilet design

Lastly, there’s of course the sticky yet necessary arena of aesthetics- making the facility appealing to users and the experience of using the facility pleasant for them. Whilst these can seem unimportant next to considerations of upkeep and budget, dank and dire facilities will not be used and will represent a total construction failure.

The field of public toilet design is actually a complicated and difficult one, and there can be little doubt that this seminal work head’s the field of bathroom stall design.more public toilet design ideas at many online sites.

How to Find Toilet Partitions

toilet partition

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom stalls or looking for the perfect restroom partitions to install from scratch, it’s an important decision. You need to get the right balance of hard wearing material that’s still stylish, practical and durable.

Things to think about.

Be sure that you have a firm idea of the budget you’re willing to expend before you start, as it will make the procedure easy and help with the bathroom partition decision making process. Give a thought towards the fire-hazard potential, necessity to stand up to vandalism, expected wear and tear, and the balance you’re willing to strike between upfront cost and long term maintenance costs.

Possible materials.

We’re all familiar with the classic backed enamel finish over steel look. It’s budget friendly and ubiquitous, but has less durability. There’s also plastic laminate, a budget friendly option that’s seen a lot less options. It’s not suitable for moist environments, however, as its heart is particle board. Solid phenolic core is a great choice for people who want a wide range of colours in their bathroom stalls to suit any décor. It even avoids the age old problem of delamination as it’s a solid one piece material with no core. It’s a great choice- practically non-scratch, dent proof and easy to clean with a tendency to reject graffiti and moisture.

It is, however pricier then other options. For a more moderate but similar option, there’s always solid plastic. It’s slightly less resistant to graffiti, and does have some slight fire issues. It’s always best to opt for Class A or B fire ratings where possible with this toilet partition. If budget’s no limit, you can opt for the option of classic stainless steel. It’s thoroughly durable, resists rust and graffiti and can be re-polished to past splendour when it dulls. There’s also SCRC, Solid Colour Reinforced Composite, which almost negates maintenance costs to offset its high initial cost.

See expert advice if you’re in need of help.

There’s a host of experts out there who will be able to assist you if you’re not sure what material would best suit the unique needs of your design. In fact, for most public bathroom design or corporate bathroom design, you are usually best off seeking the advice of an engineer who can assist you in creating a plan that will not only address your specific needs, but that will be aesthetically pleasing to users and keep future maintenance costs as low as possible.view more toilet partitions at various online resources.

toilet partition

Stockists of toilet partitions.

For small jobs, you can consult most local hardware stores to purchase basic bathroom stall solutions that are easy to install. However, for larger environments, you’re better off consulting directly with one of the restroom partition companies out there to discuss your unique needs and aesthetic wants, and ensure that you get exactly what you need and want from your new facility.

Finding the right toilet partition for your needs needn’t be an arduous process, so long as you know your budget and needs well.

How to design the Perfect Toilet Partition Repair Bracket

Perfect Toilet Partition

Anyone who’s had to deal with bathroom partitions knows that if something going to break, it’s the toilet partition bracket. Generally by tearing out of the wall and wrecking most of the bathroom stall with it. However, it is possible to repair a bracket well enough to make it a good clean fix. Keep reading for some info.

Is this a manufacture problem?

In short, the answer to this is probably yes. In the past, the partition bracket design for the standard restroom partition used a standard bracket, and stats suggest up to a quarter of these fail at the wall attachment. However, the recent design trend is to use a full-length extension instead, and the problem may soon be a thing of the past.

So, what makes them break?

The answer comes down to the basics of engineering, of course. There’s a vertical shear load placed on the brackets of the toilet partition, quite a substantial one. The pilaster carries the load. If the bracket is secure, that’s no problem, but if there’s internal slippage the load becomes unbalanced. Unfortunately, in practice the pilaster does often slip and force a load onto the brackets- the load they weren’t meant to bear. This in turn rips out the fastener and you have a huge problem on your hands.

So how do we work around this?

Of course, the best solution is to eliminate the problem, and the second best is to eliminate the problem of the bathroom stall partition bracket not carrying the load well. If the bracket can actually stand up to the wait of the toilet partition without the aid of the pilaster, or at least part of that load, then there is much less chance of breakage if the pilaster starts to slip. It’s a simple [if you’re an engineer] matter of balancing the weight of the load back into the partition, rather than allowing it to rotate forward as it does normally with a standard bracket. Remember, the partition material is way denser and better able to hold up to pressure than the drywall the bracket is attached to on the other side.more information about drywall at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drywall

Other considerations for the perfect toilet partition repair bracket.

Perfect Toilet Partition

Once the design was thoroughly perfected, there was of course a need to make sure that the materials chosen would also stand up to the purpose. In general, aluminium with an anodised coating is the best choice. You would also need to ensure that the correct sets of hardware, also designed to correctly fit and carry the load for the bracket, are included with it. Of course, the most preferable would be to ensure you can use the original bathroom stall fittings and holes to effect the repair. You should also ideally be able to match the new hinge up with the old restroom partition to ensure that there’s a good, aesthetically pleasing match made.

The concept behind the best toilet partition repair bracket is simple yet incredibly effective.

Welcome to My Bathroom Place

Bathroom Place

Gone are the days when a bathroom purely served a function. Bathrooms today are a lifestyle statement. Serious thought go into the design and decor of these spaces. A well designed bathroom provides the ideal place to take a short break from the stresses of daily life, such as rushing children off to school, dealing with in laws, managing your husband’s temper tantrums, work-pressure and so on. In order to have that cozy, highly desirable space, where you can just visit our latest blog post for more detials.

Get away for a quiet relaxing moment, you need to get the basics right before you splurge money on your bathroom design.

We aim at providing you with information and ideas on not only designing bathrooms with great style but also providing bathroom designs that are user friendly and functional.

Storage space in a bathroom is very important and should be positioned so that the accessories are easily accessible. Bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinets should be designed to provide enough space to stack those extra towels, soaps, shampoos and cleaning materials. Bathroom cabinets can be wall mounted to save space, which also makes it easier to clean the bathroom. Materials used in the construction of bathroom vanity and cabinets can be the more traditional wood, MDF or in the case of more modern designs, materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.
When designing your dream bathroom, the following points need to be kept in mind:

Lighting plays an important part in creating the ambience of the bathroom. Make sure that there is adequate lighting and that the switches are near the door. Choose lighting that complements the overall design, especially to light up the bathroom vanity.

Never compromise on quality of the fixtures and fittings. When materials fade or rust, they leave the bathroom looking dirty and old in no time.
Choose that perfect mirror as its role is vital in ensuring that perfect look and feel to the bathroom design.

Bathroom Place

Ensure that your bathroom has a safe design, keeping in mind the needs of the children and the elderly who might use it. Use floor tiles that provide grip. You may also use non-skid mats in the shower area or tubs.

Soap dispensers, shower curtains, shower rails, etc. are a few of the bathroom accessories that should be fitted ergonomically to ensure ease of use. Bathroom Accessories should complement the bathroom decor. There are fun and colorful bathroom accessories available to suit the children’s bathroom. The choice available is huge.go to various online sites for more small bathroom colors and design ideas.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

The word renovation is defined as a process of restoration or renewal of something to a good condition. So bathroom renovation obviously means getting a new look for your bathroom complete with all the luxuries that you want to indulge in. The bathroom renovation should be an answer to all your needs in a physical sense as well as an aesthetically sense.

Before renovating a bathroom, keep in mind the amount of money that you want to spend on renovating, the amount of time you want to spend on it and what type of benefits you want out of it. Once you have selected a design that meets your life style as well as your budget, meet a professional who will help you in renovating. However if you have confidence in your handyman skills, you can try to carry out the renovation of the bathroom yourself. It might reduce the cost as you do not have to pay professional fees.

During bathroom renovation, you can change the look of the bathroom by changing the fixtures that are in the bathroom, changing the color of the bathroom, adding personal touches like plants etc. All these improve the bathroom thereby giving it a new look .You can resize your bathroom if you have additional space. This will allow you to install additional fixtures like a bigger tub or a sauna or whatever additional luxury you want in your bathroom. You just have to pay extra as this might be one of the costlier parts of bathroom renovation.visit their site for more information and updates.

While choosing fixtures for bathroom renovation, choose types that have clean lines and are pleasing to the eye. However they should not be impractical. They will add a stylish appearance to your bathroom. Also keep in mind that their look has to be maintained so it is better to have simple design work rather than complicated ones. Now-a-days there are sinks available in a multitude of colors and materials that can add a touch of flair to your bathroom.

Another portion of bathroom renovation that requires special attention is the flooring. Do not assume that just because it is the floor of the bathroom, it does not deserve that much attention. The wrong type of flooring in the bathroom can cause accidents especially if there is water around. Anti skid flooring solves this problem. You can also get stone, ceramic which are resilient and water resistant. Some people use specially treated wooden flooring which adds an elegant look to the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation

If additional electrical outlets and new plumbing have to be installed while renovating bathrooms, then make sure there is enough cavity space to hold the wires and pipes. Wires and pipes on display on the walls do not make a pretty picture. To cut down the costs of bathroom renovation check to see if anyone of the original fixtures can be used in the renovation. However it is better to get the bathroom renovation done by a professional.checkout more bathroom renovation information at various online sites.

Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom Remodel

Everyone wants to remodel their bathrooms in such a way that its appearance out shines the appearance of the bathrooms of their acquaintances. Before embarking on such an adventure, there is one portion of bathroom remodeling that has to receive due consideration. This all important part is the bathroom remodeling cost.

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, you may want to hire a professional bathroom designer or a contractor. Obviously this man will add his professional fees for the services that he provides towards remodeling of your bathroom. A contractor generally has subcontractors like electricians, plumbers, masons, painters etc. So the quotation that he gives you will include the costs incurred by him for using the services of these subcontractors. Thus professional fees form one part of your bathroom remodeling cost. It might seem costly but in the long run it saves you a lot of time and stress.

Bathroom remodeling costs in today’s world are dependent on a variety of factors. The prices of materials change from day to day. The quotations that you have received today from your contractor might not be applicable tomorrow because of sudden cost changes or shortages in materials. Basically the bathroom remodeling cost depends upon the amount of changes that you want to do in your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel

Resizing your bathroom will cost a lot of extra money thus adding your bathroom remodeling costs. The original walls have to be torn down and new ones have to be built in their place. Additionally the walls have to painted and treated with water resistant material. The flooring also has to be changed. The type of flooring also makes a difference as different types of flooring have different costs thus affecting your bathroom remodeling costs. Vinyl flooring come in a variety of designs and is much cheaper than natural stone or marble flooring which are comparatively expensive. If you are laying ceramic tiles then it adds to the cost as the labor cost for tiling is a little extra. All these add to bathroom remodeling costs. Waterproofing requires a specialist and is costly there by adding to your cost. Adding a new drywall will also add to bathroom remodeling cost.

If you decide to do most of the things yourself leaving the most difficult parts to the professionals, you can save a lot of money on the labor as the labor provided will be your own thus cutting the bathroom remodeling cost. Things that can be done on your own are painting, changing the fixtures, wood staining etc. There are a number of manuals available that gives you instructions for the same.

Bathroom remodeling cost changes depending upon the type of fixture that you choose. Fancy fixtures are expensive and hard to maintain. They also might be difficult to fix giving rise to the necessity of calling professionals. Basically bathroom remodeling cost might range anything from $ 5000 to $50,000 depending upon which way you go, professional or amateur. Checkout latest news to get updated.